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The Geo API

The Geo API provides a simple way to find the location of a phone number. Results are given with their estimated level of accuracy, either 'accurate', 'questionable', 'best guess', or 'general area' based on factors such as record age, or whether a known record was used to find the result.

The request to our API is a standard HTTP GET request as follows:


format (required)

valid options are json, xml, text

key (required)

32 characters long, provided when you join the developer program

q (required)

valid South Africa phone number

Example Query Results

result (tab separated)
(02) 9206 1111 \t questionable \t Sydney \t NSW \t 2000 \t Telstra Corporation Limited \t Sydney \t Local Service

{"phone":"(02) 9206 1111","match":"questionable","suburb":"Sydney","state":"NSW","zip":"2000","holder":"Telstra Corporation Limited","area":"Sydney","type":"Local Service"}

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1"?><record><phone>(02) 9206 1111</phone><match>questionable</match><suburb>Sydney</suburb><state>NSW</state><zip>2000</zip><holder>Telstra Corporation Limited</holder><area>Sydney</area><type>Local Service</type></record>

API Support

Please contact if you are having trouble implementing our API